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Renesme Cullen

  • Renesmee Cullen

    Renesmee also served to change a lot of relationship dynamics, including bringing out the motherly side of Rosalie Cullen, and being marked as Jacob Black's special love and thereby turning his romantic affection away from Bella.

    Even outside of the Cullen family, Renesmee, with her special powers to read and convey thoughts with her touch, changes how the entire global vampire community exists. She is able to convince a corrupt vampiric council to spare her family and proves that not all vampiric children must be destroyed.

  • Characteristics

    1. Facial features and hair color like Edward's
    2. Bronze curly hair like Charlie's
    3. Brown eyes like Bella's
    4. Heart pumps blood
    5. Has rosy cheeks and pale skin
    6. Skin is hot and soft, but tough like a vampires
    7. Can eat blood or human food
    8. Doesn't produce vampire venom
    9. Can share thoughts with others by touching their skin
    10. Can penetrate mental shields
    11. Grows physically and mentally at a fast rate
    12. Able to speak at seven days old
    13. Reaches physical maturity at seven years old
  • Family

  • Conception

    Renesmee was conceived after Edward and Bella married and consummated their relationship. Soon after the newlyweds were intimate, Bella became sick and realized that she was with child. Edward became extremely worried about Bella's welfare because the baby was affecting her health. He attempted to persuade Bella into having an abortion, but she said no because she had formed a bond with the child. Edward found that his apprehension about the baby became love after he heard the baby's thoughts while in utero.

    When it came time for Bella to give birth to Renesmee, the baby had to be delivered via emergency c-section by Edward, and Bella almost died. Edward injected her heart with his venom, which successfully turned Bella into the vampire that she had wanted to become.

  • Jacob Black

    While Bella transformed from a human into a vampire, Jacob Black, a werewolf/shape-shifter who was once in love with Bella, imprinted himself on Renesmee, marking her as his soul mate.

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    "Breaking Dawn" Movie Likely to Begin Filming in Fall 2010

    The final movie of the Twilight saga, "Breaking Dawn", is scheduled to begin filming in Fall of 2010 in Vancouver. No director has signed on for the job yet, and the critical role of Renesmee Cullen has not yet been cast. Speculation about the project is that Renesmee's casting and role will be especially difficult since the child ages so rapidly, and may require a number of actresses at different ages to portray the Cullen offspring. Alternately, the director may opt to use one child actor with just the aid of makeup, costuming, and CGI effects. All of these specifics are yet to be determined.